Friday, June 26, 2009

Exams over

Finally my exams are over. It took almost a month to complete a total of -wait for it- 6 exams. This brings to a close the longest academic year of my life.
The year started in september and ended in june. Needless to say i'm tired, wrecked, jaded, knackered, you name it. The last two exams revealed to me that a career in ophthalmology or otolaryngology is not for me. I can't even spell the latter right!
Now my head is turned in the direction of home and my elective in Nigeria, the very reason for this blog.
In preparation I got a few summer reads to keep me occupied. The summer for me is usually a time to read materials other than medical books. I bought Jerome Groopman's much acclaimed book, 'the anatomy of hope'. Also got Chimamanda Adichie's new collection of short stories: 'the thing around your neck'. I'm particularly looking forward to reading this as chimamanda's previous two books were superb. She's been dubbed a master storyteller by many, least not being the great Chinua Achebe. I concur with their sentiments.
I've two other books in the post, hopefully they make it on time before i fly home. I'll comment on them when i receive them.

Furthermore in preparation I'd been looking up conferences to attend while at home. Fortunately i stumbled upon one organized by the association of Nigerian physicians in the Americas. It had a lot of good speakers including the Nigerian health minister, i hope to attend this and glean as much as i can. I'll write more about the conference in the future. For now I'm celebrating the end of a loooooooong year


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